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Flashing on the Sixties, A Tribal Document

"This is one for the time capsule. Directed by Lisa Law, and based on her photographic book of the same name, "Flashing On The '60s" is an excellent, refreshing look back at the decade of love, peace, and social change .....this program serves up fond memories to those who lived these events and provides a valuable history lesson to those too young to remember." - Billboard Magazine

A time trip back to the decade of peace and love -- the Sixties.I'm Leonard Maltin on Video. The Sixties was a sharply-defined decade, and the fallout from that period is still being felt in this country. That's what makes Lisa Law's documentary Flashing On The Sixties so relevant. This time-trip to the era of peace and love is no mere nostalgia trip. Through interviews, home movies, photographs, and songs it traces the source of a movement -- and the goals of a disaffected generation searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. Interviewees include well-known figures like Timothy Leary and Dennis Hopper, as well as lesser-known leaders and participants in this extraordinary period of American history. Flashing On The Sixties many not be the definitive statement on those times--but it's eloquent, entertaining, even moving. If you missed this hour-long show on cable TV, it's worth catching on video. - Leonard Maltin on Video

"It is a wonderful diary of the times" "It is sweat and powerful" .. "A warm informing and historic diary of the moment ....shows how those of us from that wondrous era have come through the many years with the philosophy of healing our planet. Our home." - Peter Fonda

"I loved the film. Flashing On The Sixties is the only film I've seen that conveys the spirituality and unity of the alternative lifestyles of the sixties as an extended family unit." - Dennis Hopper

"Lisa was there. She had her eyes open. She never copped out and she got a real good piece of it on the film." - Peter Coyote

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