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Media: DVD Bill Ham, Light Painting # 2

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61 minutes running time • Color • Widescreen • No Sound Our first DVD Painting was very successful. The second in our series is an original painting composed of completely new elements from our spontaneous improvised studio sessions. Bill Ham’s unique use of the overhead projector, as a painter’s instrument for direct spontaneous painting, brought kinetics to abstract expressionism. This DVD painting is a one of a kind visual odyssey. Play it on any screen or project it in your own home along with your favorite music. The Painting Process: Bill paints using overhead projectors. Each overhead projector has layers of glass, oils, pigments, other liquids and transparent materials that create rich interplays of shapes, colors and textures. Multiple projectors are used simultaneously and their projection onto a screenresults in a single image. This imagery is not computer generated. The visual continuum, the changing forms and variations of movement and speed are all controlled by the artist. In light painting, like in music, time becomes a compositional element. The DVD Painting’s final orchestration is accomplished with computer programming. How to view: This work allows for a wide range of viewing possibilities. Play it as is, speed it up or slow it down. Pair it with the music of your choosing or watch in silence. Sit back, relax and let your mind explore. Get up, dance, and let the colors wash over you. Play it all the way through or freeze a favorite frame like a traditional painting. The larger the image, the clearer the focus and the darker the surroundings the more visual impact it will have. The possibilities are limitless, enjoy!

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